If there is not high-quility printing, we can not improve the value of goods.
Even if the goods are made of with fresh planning and artistic editing, there is noting if the feature of goods are poor. We,NAMKUNGMULSAN Design Company,make an effort again and again up to perfect printing process. and we do our best to understand the feeling and color of customer. You can meet with our advanced high-quality goods.

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A money binding belt paper
(there are two types of money binding belt paper One is the paper binding money boundle with spinning The other one is an adhesive binding belt paper.
B money envelope
low qualitpaper- White "NOLOO" paper (The 500-dollor bundle size)
C money envelope
high quality paper- Craft paper (The 1000-dollor bundle size)
We can print various bills that be used at the bank and also can make
catalogs,brochures and the tag on the cloth.
We are ready to tell you about minimum quanyity, printing and paper
quality that we can make if you give a call us.
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